Crony Akatsuki

Services I host

Services I run open for everybody

This here is a list of a services I host which are all mostly open source and are publicly available for everyone to use if they wan’t to, or in specific cases like lemmy you will need to provide an application and get approved by me to get an account.

Service Description Source Code
Startpage Very simple startpage that I created with html and css. Gitea
UpFast Open source file sharing. Gitea
SearXNG Open source search engine. Github
Piped Open source YouTube frontend. Github
LibReddit Open Source reddit frontend. Github
ProxiTok Open Source TikTok frontend. Github
Nitter Open source twitter frontend. Github
Rimgo Open source imgur frontend. Codeberg
SafeTwitch Open source twitch frontend. Codeberg
HyperPipe Open source youtube music frontend. Codeberg
scribe Open source medium frontend. Source Hut
lemmy Open source activity pub federated reddit alternative. Github
GotHub Open source github frontend. Codeberg
Bookstack Open source wiki, open for editor applications Github
Sharkey Open source actifvity pub federated twitter alternative. Github
Mumble Open source voice chat application Github
SimplyTranslate Open source translation application Github

Services I might allow people I know or am close with in

Service Description Source Code
MiniFlux Open source feed reader. Github
xmpp Open source messaging platform. XMPP WebSite
nextcloud Open source google drive alternative. Github
ntfy Open source push notifications server. Github
navidrome Open source music streaming Github