Crony Akatsuki

Hi I'm Crony Akatsuki. 20 y/o linux and foss enthusiaist.

Love thinkering with my system. The fact I run gentoo on my main machine might also make you think I love suffering (Maybe I do?).

I love making stupid little programs (mostly in python rn), create "gui's" with dmenu, and create a lot of bash scripts with sometimes no real use other than learning.

I also love selfhosting a lot. This website and domain is also a home of a lot of other different frontends and opensource software and games I self host which you can check on my services page also accessible on the header ;)

I use a vps for selfhosting using debian as the os. Almost all programs are hosted with docker (Glory to docker) while some rare programs that don't have an official docker image are hosted directly on the system. Like some of my personal projects like Upfast

Currently learning about websockets, pentesting, ... for fun ( I never trully learn anything and just kill time )

I'm an cli only person except when browsing the web or browsing the web, in which case I use librewolf ( I love privacy )

NEOVIM THE ONLY EDITOR YOU NEED!!!!!!! ( Have to justify my personal couple thousand loc nvim config)