Crony Akatsuki

Hi I'm Crony Akatsuki. 20 y/o linux and foss enthusiaist.

Love thinkering with my system. Used to run gentoo, but am currently running nixos and having fun with it.

I love making stupid little programs (mostly in python rn), create "gui's" with dmenu, and create a lot of bash scripts with sometimes no real use other than learning.

I also love selfhosting a lot. This domain is also a home of a lot of other different frontends and opensource software and games I self host which you can check on my services page also accessible on the header ;)

I use multiple vps's and a dedicated hetzner server. Almost all programs are hosted with docker (Glory to docker) while some rare programs that don't have an official docker image are hosted directly on the system. For example some of my personal projects like Upfast

Currently mostly playing games and learning about nix and nixos, sometimes I throw in a movie or a tv show in the mix tho. Here is my nixos config.

I'm an cli only person except when browsing the web or browsing the web, in which case I use librewolf ( I love privacy )

I use neovim for all my coding/editing configs/writting for this website and am not able to move to any other editor except it. Currently my newest neovim config iteration is a nix module called nixvim that I really like.